I am grateful for friends who ask how they can help and sheepish when I don’t know how to reply. (The case of rose wine on the day I received my treatment plan was MOST appreciated.) Below are a few thoughts someone helped me put together…
In keeping with Jeppe Hein’s sculpture/wall art at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, Please:
  • Contact my mom (Patsy Schalles 281.974.7777) if you miraculously have time in your day to drop off a meal. Our family has no food allergies.
  • Leave me ideas on TV shows, books, podcasts, movies. Maybe this is the year I watch Modern Family.
  • Text if you want the quickest response – 281-799-1541. I have 1,433 unread emails as of today. It’s pitiful. But I am still a dinosaur on AOL at carriepills if you want to press your luck. I barely ever listen to voice mails-ask my grandmother who says “they” are failing to give me my messages.
  • Don’t ask my kids how I am if you can help it; their life is bigger than this hiccup and I don’t want them serving as my press secretary.
  • No pink things or Breast Cancer Awareness items
  • Don’t ask if I want a second opinion or offer additional doctor’s names. We’ve charted my course and I’m on my way.
  • Pray for my courage and faith and my family’s fortitude.

And, as this street art from Houston’s Graffiti Building says: