I am grateful for friends who ask how they can help and sheepish when I don’t know how to reply. (The case of rosé wine on the day I received my treatment plan was MOST appreciated.) Below are a few thoughts someone helped me put together…
In keeping with Jeppe Hein’s sculpture/wall art at the Museum of Fine Arts BostonPlease:
  • Contact my mom (Patsy Schalles 281.974.7777) if you miraculously have time in your day to drop off a meal. Our family has no food allergies and welcomes anything.
  • Leave me ideas on books, movies, podcasts or TV shows; maybe this is the year I start watching Modern Family.
  • I’m not going to post updates on my FB page, keeping it free for cat pictures and WSJ articles. But feel free to share if you think this journey resonates with someone.
  • Text me! I’m the worst at even listening to voice mails – just ask my grandmother who says “they” are not giving me my messages. I’m also a dinosaur on AOL, still at carriepills if that’s better for you, but I confess to 1,400 unread messages. Text gets quickest reply: 281.799.1541.
  • No pink things or Breast Cancer Awareness items. I do love soft things and tea.
  • Don’t ask if I want a second opinion or offer additional doctors’ names. We’ve charted my course and I’m on my way.
  • Pray for my courage and faith and my family’s fortitude.

And, as this street art from Houston’s Graffiti Building says:


Jeppe Hein (born 1974 in Copenhagen) is, according to the Public Art Fund “…known for his perceptually engaging, sculpturally inventive, and conceptually whimsical works. Often conceived for public spaces, his art captures a generous spirit that invites audiences to become active participants.” A new goal is to walk his Mirror Labyrinth in New York City. I’m working on finding out more about the street artist @Lurissu, but until then do yourself a favor and schedule a tour of Houston’s newest masterpieces through Laurie Mills’ Houston Mural Tours.

8 thoughts on “Please…

  1. Allison Thompson says:

    I’ve been wondering where you were in this process. Now I wish I could bring a meal with some fish and NOT ask your children how you are doing, I adore NOT fooling with Breast Cancer Awareness Pink things but love soft stuff, and I wish I could hug you.

    I guess from my geographic location, I will continue to pray and hope for lots of good moments through this charted course.
    All my love to you, Carrie….
    Allison Thompson


    • Joanie Filippone says:

      Yes!….I feel like I know your sister. Having just gone through this with Jude ( my husband ) I admire your positivity. He was the same ! Keep it up !! You are the best!


  2. Julie Nicholson says:

    Doc Martin. Don’t know if it’s on Netflix or not. I want to move to Cornwall after watching it. I’m not sure I could even recommend books since you’ve READ THEM ALL. Start watching Hoarders. It will make you feel very organized.

    Praying for today and the days following. Love you, old friend.


  3. Melissacook says:

    Prayers your way for healing for you and for strength for your sweetest family. I plan to call your mom and get some food your way!
    Your blog is amazing. Read every one. Keep em coming please.

    Liked by 1 person

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